Max Svetlik

I graduated at the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2016. While working on my degree, I was heavily involved in the Building Wide Intelligence project lead by Dr. Peter Stone.

Within the research group I contributed to fundamental research on human robot interaction, natural language processing, robot manipulation and robot autonomy in an office setting. Before graduating I authored a paper on automatically generating curricula for reinforcement learning agents which explored an increase in learning performance over a generated set of transfer tasks in several target games including Ms. Pac Man.

Since graduating I co-founded a robotics hardware company, Svenzva Robotics, and was the third engineer at the robot start up Diligent Robotics. I later continued research at the University of Texas as a Research Engineer where I, among other things, lead the design of the system architecture for a campus wide autonomous delivery robot (see here).

I currently work as an AI Engineer at Sony AI where I engineer software for deep reinforcement learning experiments across a number of target domains. Work within my group can be seen here.

I also generally serve as a consultant for robot hardware and software design as projects and opportunities arise.

You can find my research papers on my google scholar page, and my employment details on LinkedIn.